Mission Statement

Crisis Response Services assists individuals in the Kenora Rainy River District to alleviate and resolve emotional distress or situational disturbances that affect their ability to cope.

We offer a range of crisis intervention and resolution services for individuals, family members and services providers as an alternative to traditional crisis response involving the provision of support, information and referrals in a manner that upholds each individual’s right to self-determination.


To utilize the least intrusive, most effective intervention to provide immediate support, information and referrals, and facilitate problem-solving to assist in the alleviation of a mental health crisis.

  • To develop an intervention plan with individuals in crisis that meets their needs, mobilizes their strengths and resources and averts hospitalization and contact with police.
  • To respond to individuals in their community, and provide short-term crisis accommodation in the District as needed.
  • To provide information and referrals for individuals in crisis, family members, service providers and others regarding the services and programs in the Kenora Rainy River District.