Hospital & Emergency Personnel

Community Mobile Support Workers have the training and the time to explore a mental health crisis with an individual and identify alternative supports. If the Community Mobile Support Worker determines that a medical assessment is needed, he or she will accompany the individual to hospital, offer support and provide the hospital staff with relevant information.

If the individual visits the hospital during a mental health crisis and has not contacted Crisis Response Services, after conducting the initial assessment the emergency room nurse can call the Crisis Line Communicator. If a Community Mobile Support Worker is dispatched, a private and quiet place within the hospital can be provided for the individual and the Community Mobile Support Worker for further crisis intervention.

The Community Mobile Support Worker assists the individual to:

  • Alleviate the crisis
  • Develop a support plan in an effort to resolve the immediate crisis
  • Acquire and utilize effective coping mechanisms
  • Identify and re-establish natural support networks
  • Obtain information and facilitate referrals to additional community resources and supports


Although an individual may still require hospitalization, addressing the immediate crisis may enhance the individual’s feelings of control related to the situation.