Mental Health & Peer Support Professionals

Crisis Response Services works in conjunction with mental health and peer support professionals to offer seamless mental health services and supports to individuals in crisis. Through the use of the Crisis Intervention Plan, the least intrusive, most effective intervention is provided in a manner that is consistent with the individual’s needs and the on-going support provided by an individual’s mental health service provider.

It is important that service providers and support persons work with individuals to complete the form, and provide information that is as specific as possible. Also, consent forms accompany the Crisis Intervention Plan that must be explained to the individual, and signed by both the individual and the service provider/support person identified in the plan.

When a Crisis Intervention Plan has been completed, it should be faxed to Crisis Response Services’ administrative office, addressed to the attention of the Administrative Assistant at (807) 223-8890. Once this has been completed, information may be released to the service provider/support person designated in the plan under the following circumstances:

  1. A representative of Crisis Response Services is dispatched by a Crisis Line Communicator to meet with the individual;
  2. Police, Ambulance, Child and Family Services, or any other involuntary service is dispatched or notified by a representative of Crisis Response Services regarding the individual;
  3. The individual is admitted to or is being discharged from the Stabilization Unit;
  4. A significant change has occurred in the individual’s situation.